What to expect in Therapy or coaching?

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In our 21st century world where everything goes fast, competition is hard and much is expected of us, it is not uncommon to feel lost, confused, lose confidence, behave in unhelpful ways or experience physical and emotional symptoms that are difficult to understand.

It is common to feel isolated and unsure about how to deal with problems or from whom to seek help and guidance. I offer “talking therapy” because I believe that the most effective way to deal with emotional problems is to talk about them with an experienced and non-judgemental professional whom you trust. This will set you on a path to understand how and why unhelpful patterns have arisen and what can be done about them.

Talking therapies involve talking to a highly skilled and trained clinical psychologist who is able to listen attentively and help you to find your own answers, without judging you. It will also help you identify unhelpful patterns of behaviours, thoughts and emotions that can keep you stuck. Once aware of them, you will begin to endeavor to positively change, you will manage your emotions more efficiently  and regain control of your life again. It is a commitment and it can be challenging but it can also be liberating and help you move forward and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Our first meeting will be an in depth initial assessment of your difficulties. The aim of this meeting is to gather information about your situation, the difficulties you experience, the way they have developed over time and your personal history and background.

Following this, and in collaboration with you, we will discuss which therapeutic option best meet your needs.  The therapy which  will be offered will be tailor made depending on your specific needs and difficulties and the goal, which you have set. It can be short term therapy or executive coaching, focusing on self help strategies and management of your emotions in your personal or professional life or longer term therapies exploring the origins and the underlying causes of your difficulties.

There is no obligation attached following our first meeting

My service can be helpful to those who are experiencing:

  • Adjustment to change, transition, expat life
  • Work related stress, changes at work and occupational burn out
  • Difficulties associated with low self-esteem and low confidence
  • Problems in their relationships with other people, partners, friends, family and colleagues
  • Depression, anxiety and panic-attacks
  • Bereavement, separation and loss
  • existential difficulties

People experiencing severe mental health or addiction difficulties that require the intervention of a number of mental health professionals working together (CMHT-NHS) will not usually be seen in private practice.

I am registered with AXA health, CIGNA, AVIVA, SIMPLY health, VITALITY health